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Lantern Pendant Light

This beautiful wood lantern pendant light is perfect for a rustic look at any time. The 1-light brown farmhouse caged chandelier drum is perfect for a fun and stylish entrance into the fall season. The festive forest design is sure to light up your room.

Small Lantern Pendant Light

If you're looking for a little bit of fun and a little bit of light in your home, then you need to check out this small lantern pendant light. This little light up light is perfect for when you're looking for a little bit of privacy and a little bit of light. The light is keep on the dark side with this light, but it's worth it in the end.

Large Lantern Pendant Light

This large lantern pendant light is a beautiful addition to any room. The rattan is a natural and luxurious material, it has a warm, natural look that is perfect for small spaces. The fixture is a beautiful area-out light up all you see are small, dark, and cold. The ceiling lamp is perfect for a larger room, it has a large, mantel-style light that is easy to light. The shade is a nice, thick, deep brown, it looks good and is strong. The pendant light is about 1' tall and has a 2' width. this rustic farmhouse chandelier lantern pendant light for the kitchen is perfect for lightening up the place when you have a busy night ahead. The 4 light style will add interest to any room. this rattan pendant light lantern has a interesting ambient light model which can be used for astronomy or for catching light during the day. The conch shaped hanger has a hanging loop which allows you to put a conch pot or other such item on top. The light is powered by the pendant light which is made from lightweight rattan and has a comfortable grip. The light can be turned on and off with a simple curio/novel key. this retro bamboo rattan wicker chandelier lantern pendant light has a beautiful glass shade and a demure design. It is perfect for a stylish home or office. The light is created by using a light bulb in a henna treatment. This piece is a great accessory for your home or office.