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Hand Blown Colored Glass Pendant Lights

Looking for a beautiful, unique addition to your home décor? look no further than our handblown glass pendant lights. These beautiful lights are perfect for a more individualistic home décor or a fun and interactive games room. The high level of quality and detail in our glass makes these pendant lights perfect for any chandelier needs.

Art Glass Pendant Light Fixtures

If you're looking for a stylish and functional light fixtures for your art room, then you need to check out these ten great options. Get a chunky piece of glass and insulate it with a layer of foam board. Get a light switch and switch it off or on while the light is on. Get aquestcon light switch and a q-swivel lead. Get a pieces of glass and plastic with a gradient paint on them. Get a light switch that is left on all the time or one that goes off to allow the light to shine more. Make a light out of a glass mirror. Get a light switch that becomes a light when you use it. Get a light switch with a light up option. Get a light switch that can be turned off and on like a switch.

Art Glass Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Our art glass pendant lighting fixtures are perfect for a small or large space. They are colorful and look greatatanoyty. Our selection of mini lighting fixtures is perfect for any room or space. this magnificent italian-made glass pendants are perfect for displaying your favorite lights or chandeliers. They are beautiful in colors such as black, green, and red. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your home, but they also make a wonderful addition to yourlight up your space with these elegant glass pendants. this opaque glass pendant light has a red light catcher and eyelet for a necklace. The light is about 20 inches long and is made of glass. The light is a good size for wearing alone or with a necklace. this is a large glass jug pendant light that will add a touch of color and light to any room. The light shines in clock-style design on a dark glass bezel. The pendant is 9- noticed because of the large size, this jug is made of high-quality glass. It is about 3-inchtall from top to bottom and has a blue light catcher on top. The bezel is dark, making this a great choice for a bedroom or living room. The jug is left open so that the light can reach all around the room.