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Brass Pendant Light

This bedtime accessory is perfect for a beautiful ceiling-high ceiling light; yet be easy and hard to set up! The brass pendant light features a fun design with a chrono group name and light up at both ends. It's perfect for a special one or a special moment.

Brass Pendant Lighting

If you're looking for a novel and visually appealing way to add some light to your home, look no further than brass pendent lighting. Brass pendent lighting can be used for just about anything - fromscary movies to child's play, there's no need to mess around. When you have the right brass pendent lighting, your home will look bright and safe.

Black And Brass Pendant Light

This beautiful brass pendant light is perfect for your kitchen. It has a stylish look and is easy to set up, only taking minutes. The three light technology ensures the light is always safe. The chandelier is easy to clean and is perfect for a chic kitchen. this beautiful brass globe pendant light has a stylish farmhouse barn finish and is perfect to add a touch of elegance to your room. The light is powered by a 14 vintage industrial light bulb. this 5-light farmhouse chandelier is in black and gold brass, large metal pendant. That is perfect for any room in your home! this brass pendant light is a great addition to your home office or kitchen. The 5-light vintage brass pendant light opens to a small living room with a beautiful view. The light is perfect for the home office or kitchen.