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Blown Glass Pendant Lights

This 8-part light kit is perfect for the home improvement beginner or the professional in your life. This kit includes (8) lightbulbs, (2) baskets, (2). And (8) pendants. The kit.

Blown Glass Pendant Lighting

If you're looking for a beautiful and unique way to show off your social media presence, then check out this beautifulblown glass pendant light! This light is perfect for using at night when you're looking for a quiet area to rest your head. Plus, it can be used without light if you want to be more concealed.

Blown Glass Mini Pendant Lights

This is a beautiful hand blown glass pendant light that has a modern look and feel. The light is two tone with a deep blue and green color. It is made of high quality bronze hardware and is written in english. The light is easy to control with a controls on the light itself. This is a fantastic piece to add to any home and is perfect for a warm and inviting space. this beautiful handblown glass pendant light is signed by the artist, testable for repairs, andaintained with a professional touch. The light is caliber a1 and is in excellent condition. This beautiful light is a perfect addition to any home or office. this beautiful pendant has beautiful chihuly glass windows on each side. They seem to open and close on their own, like a light would turn on and off in each joint. The glass is very smooth and the light is beautiful. They look like they are going to fall out of the light, but they stay in place. The light is also beautifully blue and green chihuly glass. this murano millefiori hand-blown glass pendant light is a great addition to any room. The three colors are nice and true, and the light is soft to the lightening as you walk by. Perfect for a special event or a special moment in life.